overwintering nucs

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overwintering nucs

Post by reedyfork »

Does anyone have experience trying to overwinter a 5-frame nuc? I helped an 8-year old neighbor (future beekeeper!) catch a small swarm a couple weeks ago. It was tiny, so I added a couple frames of capped brood and nurse bees from one of my strong hives, a frame of honey, and two frames of empty drawn comb. It is currently housed in a 5-frame medium nuc with a feeder and 1/2 pollen patty.

Any advice on the best way to keep this little colony alive for him until the spring? Heck, he's even named the queen already! I really want this to be a good first experience for him...
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Re: overwintering nucs

Post by Jacobs »

I have had good results overwintering even fairly small nucs, as long as the brood was healthy going into winter. I want my brood in the center frames with honey frames on the outside. I also want a super of capped "honey" above the cluster. My thinking is that honey to the sides and above the cluster will provide some insulation as well as readily available food. Two supers with brood and 1 with honey above would be even better.
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Re: overwintering nucs

Post by frank »

I have been overwintering medium nucs in 5x5 configuration with no issues as long as they have enough food.
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