Where can I get Carniolan bee nuc's for the spring?

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Where can I get Carniolan bee nuc's for the spring?

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I am wanting to become a beekeeper and would like to know where I can get 2 nuc's of Carniolans for the spring. You folks with Carniolan bees where did you get yours? I've called different places and they won't send them. I'm in Randleman. Not far from Wally. I would also like to buy some used items needed to bee keeping as buying everthing new at once on a fixed income is difficult. Thanks! :?:
Kurt Bower
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Carniolans are a good choice.
You are correct that no one sells carny nucs around here or will likely ship.
The best way is to simply purchase an Italian nuc and then re-queen with an Carniolan Queen. 6 weeks later most of the bees will be Carnies.

best of luck,
larry tate
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We plan to do some 5 frame Carni nucs for spring 2011. Getting the boxes ready now. Tatesapiaries@yahoo.com or 336 788 4554. We are in Winston Salem
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