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Pink Pages Are Back-Internet Archives

Post by Jacobs »

I don't check links on our website as often as I should, but a couple of weeks ago, I was very disappointed to see that the link to the George Imirie Pink Pages no longer worked. I searched around and could not find a good replacement.

Internet Archives ( https// ) to the rescue. Internet Archives is a 501(c)(3) organization that makes available HUGE numbers of scanned books and periodicals. It also has music, old radio shows, vintage tv shows and more. One feature you may have heard about in the news from time to time is the Wayback Machine. This is the Internet Archive's documentation of what is/has appeared on the internet. I played in the Wayback Machine and was able to find where the site that had been hosting the Pink Pages had been captured. The link to this site is now the link I am using to make the Pink Pages easily available to our membership again.

A word of caution--some of the content that is captured or is uploaded to Internet Archives may not be suitable for children, so you may want to see if there are any parental controls available on the site. I haven't looked.

I gladly include Internet Archives in my list of 501(c)(3) organizations I give to. After this find, I'll probably increase my contribution in 2023.
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Re: Pink Pages Are Back-Internet Archives

Post by Wally »

Thank you. The pink pages are a source of info that needs to stay alive and up front for all beeks.
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