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Post by Jacobs » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:44 pm

David and I made 2 trips to Brown Summit today. My Wayne's Bee hive there had been in full swarm mode and I wanted to see if I could beat the swarming, find the queen, and move her to a nuc. I was too late. I managed to damage a few swarm cells looking for my marked queen when I heard piping and caught a glimpse of a queen going between frames in a super I had off the hive. I located this unmarked queen, moved her and the frame of brood she was on into a nuc, and made up the rest of a well supplied nuc. I continued looking for the original queen but never saw her. I did see another unmarked queen and so I left her in the original hive and put it back together. Hopefully, each of these queens will get mated and make it back safely.

David made 2 nucs from a hive that had multiple capped queen cells in swarm position. If he had had more space and more equipment, he could have made several more nucs.

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