Donna's Swarms

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Donna's Swarms

Post by donwal » Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:48 pm

So it has been a busy vacation week for me!

03/26/20 - First swarm - in home bee yard. Got it when I got off work.
03/27/20 - Second swarm - (small), it left before I got home.
03/28/20 - Two swarms in my bee yard, one swarm call in Lesa's bee yard.
04/03/20 - Two swarms in my bee yard.
04/05/20 - Two swarms in my bee yard. I was able to make two hives from one of the swarms.
04/06/20 - One swarm up in tree too high to reach, they left on 04/07/20. One swarm call on Old Plank Rd, got them in a hive and brought them to my bee yard.
04/07/20 - Three swarms, caught two of them, one flew away.
04/08/20 - Three swarms, caught two of them, one flew away.
04/09/20 - One swarm, it flew away, but I think it came back the next day.
04/10/20 - Two swarms, caught both of them.

I think that is all of them...the swarms that flew away were big swarms. I hope someone got them.

Some of the queens from the swarms were from last years splits and marked green.

One of my hive have swarmed three times, finally got a chance to check it and found it was full of honey. I added empty frames and saw one more queen cell in bottom deep. Moved two of the brood frames from the bottom of the hive to the top of the hive above a queen excluder, added a another queen. Will check to see if she is laying next week. Will add frames of brood next week from another hive to the top box.

Back to work on Monday, I hope they are done!

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