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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:07 pm
by Jacobs
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I was starting to run errands this morning when I got a call from a City of Greensboro employee about bees on the ground in their parking area. The building is on Yanceyville Street. I have not spotted a queen and some of the employees said a van had been parked there at the start of the day. I am wondering if the queen and a cluster came out on Saturday and went unnoticed on the van as it was driven away this morning. Given temperatures this morning, a cluster that dropped to the ground wasn't going anywhere. The queen and more of the bees MAY have hitched a ride leaving these bees behind. They are now occupying about 2-3 medium frames in a nuc. I have given them sugar water and plan on checking them Wednesday afternoon if the temperatures are as warm as forecasts say. If I don't see a queen, I have a good candidate hive for doing a newspaper combine. These bees will not go to waste.